UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE - Common Law Remedy against Insolvent Corporations 

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Welcome Note from Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer: 

My journey in the UK started in 1981, when I came from Ireland and was falsely hounded with excessive Income Tax with an Emergency Code by the Inland Revenue.  This escalated with fraudulent allegations by the Inland Revenue against me for Income Tax, which was not owed by me to them,  but owed to me by the Inland Revenue, conspiring with corrupt judges, solicitors and accountants to rob me of my home.  This prompted me to become a Common Law Lawyer to fight the corruption in the UK legal system.  Please support this mission by volunteering on Common Law Courts of Record, until such time as we the people have taken control of the UK Budget, some £720 billion in 2013.  In loving memory of my late Mother, Mary, late father, Christopher, late nephew, Dean Murchan, age 13 and late Cousin Margaret. 

God Bless! Patrick Cullinane London UK 02 May 2014 www.mc1215.webs.com

This website supports the work of the www.nationallibertyalliance.org, empowering a global movement starting with the people in the UK to self-govern  justice by participating in Common Law Courts of Records under Magna Carta 1215 Trial by Jury (Trial by a single judge = TREASON)

Every court in the UK will require at least four administrators to administer justice.  Administrators will call four jurists to sit in private for a maximum of a week, to try to resolve each issue or problem by mediation, honour, justice & mercy, on paper. Failing mediation, Administrators will call a Grand Jury of 24 sitting in private to find a remedy to the satisfaction of both parties with honour, justice & mercy. Failing this, a Trial Jury of 24 will sit in public, take oral evidence and decide on the final solution with honour, justice & mercy.  The jurists will be called to sit when presentments & proceedings in private or public arise. The above are a rough guide as each County will decide its own procedures.

Please enrol as volunteer County Co-ordinators, Court administrator or juror, by filling out your details on the form below.

I hereby agree to be contacted as a volunteer in the administration of Common Law Courts of Record, Grand Jury, Trial Jury, under the Magna Carta 1215 Trial by Jury in the UK
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